In 2011, I organized my first hacakthon, AngelHack. What started off as a passion project to bring angel investors in to judge hackathons quickly became a global startup competition, across 50 cities and 30 countries. With 50,000 members, AngelHack is the largest hackathon competition in the world and has seen the hacks produced at the event raise millions of dollars, sell to Google, and change the lives of people across the world.

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A Better San Francisco

In 2015, I took a crack at Solving Homelessness. Really! I was so fed up with the poor job San Francisco does that I thought the only way it would ever get better is if a smart outsider stepped in and fixed things. And of course, I always love a good challenge. So why not 🙂

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In 2012, I realized that there wasn’t a hackathon social network and built to fill that need. It was designed as a place to manage hackathon competitions and for hackers to showcase portfolios of their work.

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In 2013, I realized our top hackathon teams had great ideas, but were too early stage for traditional accelerator programs. So I built a pre-accelerator program called HACKcelerator to provide mentorship and startup advice to hackathon teams around the world.

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In 2014, I built NEXT, a mobile app to help people find the best events around them. I relied heavily on the Facebook API and showcasing the events your friends were attending. To this day, I wish I could continue working on NEXT.

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Weekend Gator

In 2007, I founded my first company, a bus transportation company called Weekend Gator. At the time my girlfriend was still in school and I had just moved back home to Miami, about 5 hours away. We tried to see each other on weekends, but there weren’t very good options and it was destroying our relationship. So I built a company to help make it easier for us, assuming there must be a bunch of people in similar situations.

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